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Partners Support on VMware Thin Client Certificati …

Partners Support on VMware Thin Client Certification Program

Chip PC
“VMware’s certification process in part focuses on the delivery of a seamless integration as well as a predictable experience for its customers. What excites us is that this requirement also drives innovation down to the desktop level, forcing a change in the desktop continuum, while setting new standards for desktop virtualization. Our lineup of 3.5-watt devices not only delivers on the promise of reduced carbon emissions and increased lifespan, but has also led to our development for improved device-side multimedia acceleration integrated with our VoRDP technology. The standards, being driven in partnership with VMware, are truly focused on the objective of delivering a superior experience to the desktop.”
—Jim Crocco, General Manager, Chip PC

Computer Lab International (CLI)
“By partnering VMware virtualization solutions with CLI thin clients, customers will realize benefits such as simplified management, reduced carbon emissions, and enhanced total cost of ownership. CLI's hardware certification for VMware VDI demonstrates our continued commitment to VMware and virtualization.”
—Thomas Fei, President, Computer Lab International (CLI)

Devon IT
“Being named a certified VMware thin client provider speaks to Devon IT’s expansion in the alternative desktop computing market, and we are proud to complement VMware’s industry-leading VDI infrastructure for our joint customers. Customers of all sizes and in all verticals have realized the benefits of deploying thin clients and virtualization, including centralized management, flexibility, security, lower energy emissions, and drastically reduced TCO. Devon IT looks forward to offering a fully certified VDI solution with VMware, and continuing our already successful relationship together.”
—Joe Makoid, President, Devon IT

“HP offers a comprehensive portfolio of virtualization solutions for the VMware platform, bringing ease of management and high levels of IT security that spans from the datacenter to the desktop. With this certification across our thin client portfolio, customers can be assured HP thin clients will be an easy solution for deploying, managing and delivering a trusted and reliable VMware experience.”
—Jeff Groudan, vice president of marketing, HP Desktop Solutions Organization

“Desktop virtualization allows organizations to more rapidly migrate PC applications and data to the server room when compared to traditional server-based computing models. Moreover, the traditional benefits of server-based computing compared with physical PCs are retained such as better security, easier management and far greater energy efficiency. Thin clients make the ideal access device for virtual PCs and VMware is creating an ideal environment for customers since they can choose from a huge range of devices from all the major vendors that have all been thoroughly tested to work with VMware ESX. As the world’s third largest thin client vendor with more than 20 different models all supporting VMware, we are proud to be a part of the certification program. Through excellent initiatives such as this, we expect the already rapid growth of the thin client market to double over the next few years.”
—Stephen YEO, Worldwide Strategic Marketing Director, IGEL

Pano Logic
“Pano Logic has taken thin clients one step beyond and created a zero-client solution that includes no software on the desktop. Certifying Pano Logic’s Virtual Desktop Solution specifically for VMware VDI will ensure that our joint customers can purchase Pano Logic’s zero client with the confidence that it has been thoroughly tested and passed QA for VMware VDI interoperability. The combination of VMware virtualization and our zero-client solution offers customers a number of benefits including simplified management, reduced carbon emissions, and increased lifespan of hardware used in virtual desktop solutions.”
—Benjamin Baer, Vice President of Marketing, Pano Logic

Praim by CompuMaster
“Praim by CompuMaster is excited to join the VMware VDI program as we believe this partnership will lead to increased business opportunities for both companies. Praim by CompuMaster has been in the thin client business for more than 10 years, developing XP embedded,, and embedded Linux-based terminals. Participation in the VMware Thin Client Certification Program ensures that customers who purchase our products have the confidence of knowing the products have been thoroughly tested and have passed QA for VMware VDI interoperability. The VMware Virtual Desktop Manager combined with our thin client, a green solution, will provide enterprises with the most a secure, reliable, and manageable desktop solution on the market today. We look forward to working with VMware in making the VDI solution a success.”
—Stefano Bonmassar, Vice President and Co-founder, Praim

Sun Microsystems
“After a decade of experience in the thin client market, Sun is pleased to work alongside VMware as part of its certification program with our Sun Ray technology. Our thin client solution has a myriad of benefits – including high performance with the Appliance Link Protocol (ALP), enhanced security with our integrated VPN client, and extremely low power consumption with our Sun Ray 2 class devices. A collaboration such as this truly demonstrates what’s possible in virtual desktop computing.”
—Jeff Jackson, Vice President of Solaris, Sun Microsystems

"Wyse has long been a valued VMware Technology Alliance Partner, providing thin computing devices to VMware customers embracing VDI solutions worldwide. The new, exciting VMware Thin Client Certification Program offers customers an additional measure of confidence in the quality, compatibility and integration of our mutual solutions. Leveraging the benefits of this program, Wyse is committed to continue delivering a high-end thin user experience and a broad thin client offering for VMware VDI and Virtual Desktop Manager."
—Curt Schwebke, Chief Technology Officer, Wyse