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India’s Unique Opportunity to Jump to the Cloud Smart Era with VMware’s Cross Cloud Services

Krish Prasad

I was in India in April 2023 for the first ever VMware Explore conference in the country. It was wonderful to connect with customers and partners in the region in person after three years of virtual meetings. The energy in the rooms was palpable, as was the interest in knowing how VMware could help them accelerate and more importantly optimize their digital transformation initiatives.   

One of the most unique aspects of this country has been the pace at which it moved to the cloud and transformed itself digitally. Of course, it started this journey later than its Asian counterparts like Japan, South Korea and Singapore, but it made up for the delay by way of scale of transformation. And the maturity lag has given the nation the opportunity to leapfrog into new generations of technology, and smarter strategies without living through the pain experienced by nations ahead of it in the digital maturity curve.

Let me explain this in detail. Cloud was always a top-of-mind concern for Indian organizations and the pandemic only served to accelerate adoption. According to NASSCOM, 53 percent of enterprises fastracked their cloud adoption strategies since the pandemic broke out and 84 percent of large organizations have adopted SaaS strategies.  And according to IDC, cloud investment strategy is the number one priority for most Indian CIOs, who are also quite clear that no single cloud can serve all their requirements. 80 percent of organizations are looking to leverage multi clouds. Multi clouds offer great flexibility and scalability but also present challenges of a fragmented infrastructure and security posture, disjointed skillsets, and greater operational complexity. Or in other words – cloud chaos. The aim is to move from chaos to cloud smart where the right apps are placed on the right clouds and managed through unified strategy to reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency, and optimize costs. India has the opportunity to fastrack its move directly to cloud smart.

VMware has the perfect portfolio to help India transition to cloud first and continue its path of aggressive digital transformation while optimizing operational costs and investments. To begin with we expanded our partnership with AWS to offer VMware Cloud on AWS in Hyderabad and Melbourne, in addition to Mumbai and Sydney which are currently available.  Our cross-service cloud services offer unified multi cloud infrastructure management with VMware Aria as well as accelerated app development with VMware Tanzu. It also presents a comprehensive digital workspace solution, essential for delivering a superlative employee experience in a hybrid working model.

We recently announced the launch of TAP 1.5 that brings some new features, components and enhancements to the VMware Tanzu application platform that will help developers build, run and manage the cloud native application development lifecycle across multi clouds. VMware vSphere 8 and VMware vSAN 8 are important new releases of our compute and storage solutions that will help customers run wide range of workloads in environments they choose. The edge is top of mind for us and holds significant potential for India. VMware Edge Compute Stack 2 is an all-inclusive edge solution that enables the smooth functioning of current, modern, and forthcoming edge-native applications. With this platform, customers can easily tackle the demands of scalability and simplicity at the edge. We are also sharpening our focus on the AI space with our strategic partnership with Nvidia to build an end-to-end platform for AI and to deliver a new architecture for the data center, cloud and edge to support the needs of next-generation applications.

VMware is uniquely positioned to help India make the transition to cloud smart by offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that optimize operational costs and investments while delivering a superior employee experience. Our commitment to the edge and focus on AI will further strengthen our ability to meet the evolving needs of Indian organizations in this rapidly changing digital landscape. We are excited to continue partnering with them on their digital transformation journey and helping them achieve their business objectives.