VMware Explore Is on the Horizon
VMware Explore Is on the Horizon

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India’s Digital Transformation Journey: VMware’s Cross-Cloud Services to Streamline Multi-Cloud Management

Purnima Padmanabhan

The Indian market is at an interesting point in its digital transformation journey. Most enterprises have moved well past the cloud first stage with widespread adoption of multi clouds. But not all have managed to streamline cloud management and interoperability. The good news is that increasing interest in moving to cloud smart strategies, optimizing their multi cloud infrastructure, accelerating application development and management. There is limitless potential for growth and innovation in this market and at VMware, we are well placed to partner Indian enterprises on this journey. The first ever VMware Explore India in April 2023 was the perfect platform to engage with customers, partners, and technologists from the country to understand how we could work together to usher in the next phase of the Indian digital transformation story.

A few things stand out from my interactions with Indian customers at VMware Explore India. First, Indian organizations are not standing still on their digital transformation journeys. They are constantly looking for the next best way to accelerate their journeys and considering private, hybrid and multi clouds as well as the edge for their enterprises. They understand that a cloud strategy should not follow a cookie cutter approach and know the value of choosing the right cloud for their specific requirements and constraints. Second, there is increasing openness to SaaS subscription-based models. Third, applications are at the center of most modern digital strategies and 83 percent of Indian companies are likely to have built apps that run across multiple public clouds. But the sheer number of organizations custom building applications to transform their business in India is staggering. I’ve had more conversations with customers who have built custom app acceleration platforms in India than anywhere else in the world. The fourth insight is the increasing concern around India’s data sovereignty and data location requirements.

VMware’s Sovereign Cloud platform meets the data sovereignty requirements, and we will follow the India government’s next directives in this area, but we are ready to partner Indian organizations on each of the other areas of focus. Let’s start with the cloud. The cloud adoption journey started with a cloud first approach. Organizations adopted specific clouds for specific purposes, each of which came with different tools and features. Apps built on such multi cloud environments remained fragmented. This complex cloud infrastructure is expensive to manage in addition to being inefficient. We intend to help organizations optimize their multi cloud infrastructure by helping them move from this cloud chaos to cloud smart. Cloud smart implies a mature and unified approach where enterprises choose the right clouds for the right apps based on the requirements of each app.

With a cloud smart approach, enterprises can simplify cloud management to focus on business transformation. Our cross-cloud service solution is designed to help customers move to cloud smart from cloud chaos. It involves app modernization with VMware Tanzu that allows organizations to build, run and manage apps on any cloud, at scale. It also offers better multi cloud management capabilities with VMware Aria and helps organizations to build and manage effective cloud and edge infrastructure. A cloud smart enterprise built on our cross-cloud platform ensures zero trust security and enables a better employee experience with our anywhere workspace solutions. 98 to a 100 percent of Indian enterprises say that effective multi cloud strategies have positively impacted their revenues and profits. However only 26 percent have a unified multi-cloud management strategy and 21 percent have multi-clouds with very little interoperability between them. A sizeable chunk of this market is also still in its cloud first stage and have the opportunity to skip cloud chaos entirely and leapfrog to the cloud smart era seamlessly. For VMware, this is a market that is full of endless possibilities for innovation and synergistic growth. We look forward to leading India to the cloud smart phase of its digital transformation journey.